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Focus Drive for Meiji Techno EMZ stereo microscope


This is a focus drive for Meiji Techno EMZ series stereo microscopes. The focus drive allows precise, computer-controlled, vertical positioning of the microscope. Ideal for taking enhanced depth of focus pictures ("Focus stacking"). Resolution is better than 20µm per step.

    Photo Focus Drive EMZ Left   Photo Focus Drive EMZ Right    Photo Focus Drive EMZ Front

The focus drive allows you to motorize an existing Meiji Techno EMZ microscope. Exterior is aluminium with stainless steel screws. Weight is approx. 1.250kg.   A limited amount of customizing is possible; ask for details.
The focus drive can be installed both above and below the microscope focus block.
Supports microstepping at 16 microsteps/step.

Movie of the focus drive in action.

In this demo movie a dial indicator shows the position of the microscope while the focus drive

In the movie, one division of the indicator scale corresponds to 0.01mm vertical movement of the microscope.

A manual further explains use of the focus drive. Drivers for Micro-Manager microscopy software are available.

The Meiji Techno EMZ microscope, microscope stand and dial indicator shown are not part of the product.


Product description

The product includes: Other items shown are not part of the product.
Optional accessory: joystick for standalone use.
Optional joystick



Last update page: December 16, 2010.